The cost of Illegal immigration, amnesty and deportation of Illegal Aliens

The problems facing our country are immense. Illegal immigration, amnesty, cap and trade and healthcare will all certainly cost us more then we can afford to pay. I wrote in July of 2009 that we would get healthcare and we did. I also predict we will get some form of cape and trade, It’s not dead yet. I also predict that just prior to the November 2010 elections we will get amnesty for Illegal immigration legislation. It remains to be seen whether this gets past since the last time when 82% of Americans were against it. But after healthcare I don’t think that will make much difference. It will be used by the democrats as a political talking point to get people to vote for the liberal, progressive democrats. They will blame the republicans for holding up a new Illegal immigration policy to get all the Hispanic votes. That really doesn’t make any sense if 82% of Americans are against it but making sense out of anything doesn’t work anymore when you consider what the liberal progressive democrats are trying to do to the country, it defies all logic and common sense. Just think about how healthcare was passed, some polls showed 75% didn’t want the bill that was in fact passed anyway.

Illegal immigration

I can tell you my story of what I experienced how it works in real time not from reading articles about what going on. This is just one story I have hundreds to tell and they are all true. I worked in the construction industry for more than 35 years. In 1998 I worked with very large crews of 30 illegal aliens on single large construction project. The foreman where Americans, they spoke Spanish and communicated with the illegal aliens. They explained to me what was going on in there company.

The owner of the company’s primary business was lawn care and Landscaping. He was making a fortune on the cheap labor he was getting directly from south of the boarder. He had bought a farm and built a very large barn that he used as a bunk house for the illegals. He actually bought a small school bus that he sent to the boarder to pick up bus loads of illegal’s to haul up north to use in his business. Literally it was human trafficking. He paid them $200.00 a week they had to work 12 hours a day and 6 days a week. The owner made them sign a contract for one year as a fee for passage into the country and to them it sounded like a sweet deal to the illegals. The owner of the company provided them with a place to live and some of their meals as well. The contract in fact was not legal, but the Mexican workers didn’t know that. Anyway this is what going on just outside of the Washington beltway in Maryland of all places 2000 miles from the Mexican border. They can be found as far north as Canada.

Here are the many problems that are only the beginning of how Illegal immigration hurts the American citizens. This all boils down to how much does this costs the economy in lost tax dollars, lost income to the higher wages that would be paid to Americans, medical expense as they go to the emergency rooms and get free healthcare, the schools as they eventually they have children and the list goes on. If illegal aliens were given amnesty and began to pay taxes and use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same education levels, the estimated annual net fiscal deficit would increase from $2,700 per household to nearly $7,700, for a total net cost of $29 billion.

If this company was paying an American he would have to pay them at least $8.00 an hour. That is about the starting wage for an inexperienced American construction worker in 1998 in 2010 it is at least $10.00 starting wage. Now if you take the $200.00 a week paid to the illegal alien workers and the 72 hour work week they were required to work that come out to be $2.77 an hour. Then the $200.00 has no taxes and no employers cost of labor. There’s no social security match paid, unemployment or workers compensation insurance and no liability insurance paid on these wages. This usually is about 40% in the construction industry on an $8.00 hour wage. This brings a legal American worker cost to $11.20 an hour. The illegal worker is cost is near ¼ of the cost of a legal American worker. This is why this goes on; it’s all about very cheap labor.

What’s really sad about all this is the republicans get the blame because the democrats and the liberal, progressive fringe news media reports this problem as being the big ugly nasty corporations backed by the republican party, that are doing it. If they were not allowed to be here it wouldn’t be a problem and you wouldn’t be reading this. That is being allowed by the liberal’s progressive democrats and the Rhino republicans. The republicans are tagged with standing with and being favorable to the corporations. This is also disinformation if you want private sector jobs you have to get the government leaches off the backs of small business. That’s were 70% of all job creation comes from. That’s why it looks that way on the surface but it’s not the truth. Three more years of Oboma will prove this to be true. The truth is the republican’s stopped amnesty for Illegal immigration against the wishes of George Bush and John McCain. The democrats voted almost entirely for Illegal immigration amnesty. The republicans still had a large number in Congress and with the help of a few democrats stopped it from going any further.

Amnesty for Illegal immigrants

The proposed immigration amnesty would benefit the 12 to 20 million undocumented aliens (illegal immigrants) currently living in the United States. An amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their acts of illegal immigration and implicitly forgives other related illegal acts such as driving and working with false documents. The result of an amnesty is that large numbers of foreigners who illegally gained entry into the United States are rewarded with legal status (Green Card) for breaking immigration laws.

President Barack Obama Said we are not going to ship back 12 million people; we're not going to do it as a practical matter. We would have to take all our law enforcement that we have available and we would have to use it and put people on buses, and rip families apart, and that's not who we are, that's not what America is about. So what I've proposed... is you say we're going to bring these (Illegal immigrant) folks out of the shadows. We're going to make them pay a fine, they are going to have to learn English, they are going to have to go to the back of the line...but they will have a pathway to citizenship over the course of 10 years."

It would not take all of our law enforcement. It would only be done in a normal process like we catch criminals now in the process for speeding and other traffic violations and instead of policemen eating donuts at the seven elevens, they can actually do some work for a change. Then we can use the existing ICE to go where we know the illegal’s are. Like at construction sites and at hardware stores like Lowes and home depot and pick them up in larger numbers using the people who are already paid to do this type of job and are already in place to do this job. Putting a stop to this problem of illegal immigration

It is the government that stops ICE from doing what they are hired to do. It is primarily the liberal, progressive Democratic Party that stops ICE Capture and holds them with no release and put them on a charter bus with a few guards and drives them back to Mexico. You can put 60 people easily on a large charter bus, with 4 ICE guards to watch over them. These guys are already on the payrolls of government. The cost of a bus and a driver rented is about $5000.00 a week that is only $62.50 each person on the bus. They could feed them army rations and that doesn’t cost hardly anything about $5.00 a day. Politicians like Kennedy says it cost $22,000.00 per person to deport an illegal alien. That’s a blatant lie and its ridicules, unless they’re going to send them on a few Caribbean cruise ship vacations before they send them back to where they came from. You are not going to capture 12 million all in one year. Whatever the cost is it would be spread over a period of 5 to 10 years. All the democrats act like we have to come up with the money in the next 5 minutes and capture all 12 million in the same year. Only an idiot would think that way, like Oboma or Kennedy. Both are liberal progressive democrats who think the Americans are stupid enough to believe there lies.

If we’re going to rip families apart send the families back to Mexico too. This would solve the problem of ripping family’s apart. On the other hand Oboma believes in amnesty as he stated above a 10 year path to citizen ship. That is Illegal immigration amnesty no matter how they spin it or lie about their actual intensions. The Illegal immigration amnesty that didn’t pass, allowed extended families to come legally into the country. Under that bleeding heart statement of we are ripping families apart and that an additional 48 million people flooding into the country legally after amnesty is given to Illegal immigrants. It was their choice to come here. If they wanted to be with their families they should have not come here, it was their choice. No Americans forced them here, they wanted to come. That makes Obama’s statement misleading and it’s just another lie added to all the other lies. The cost of Illegal immigration amnesty is far greater than the cost of shipping them all back across the border from whence they came. Let’s do the math based on 12 million illegal aliens and how much they cost each year to keep here and how much it costs to send them back. First we will look at it the way government looks at it. Then we will look at how much is lost in net wages if Americans had those jobs.

These numbers and statistics come from The Center for illegal Immigration Studies a non-partisan research organization in Washington, D.C., 2002 study. Illegal Alien Households Average Federal Tax Payment $4,212 Average Federal Fiscal Costs $6,949 this cost the American tax payer $-2,736 each year. Now let’s look at Legalized Illegal’s Simulation $9,194. Average Federal Fiscal Costs $15,215 that’s a cost to the tax payer of $-6,022 for each legalized illegal alien. If illegal aliens were given amnesty and began to pay taxes and use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same education levels, the estimated annual net fiscal deficit would increase from $2,700 per household to nearly $7,700, for a total net cost of $29 billion.

Now we have the cost for illegal immigration of $29 billion a year. You saw my cost of a bus ride back to Mexico or were ever they came from and the buses are sitting idle in parking lots right now. There are plenty of commercial buses not doing anything because of the recession. They need the work in this slow economy. If you take the $29 billion a year and divide that by 2 million illegal’s deported a year as an estimated amount you could capture each year that allows you $14,500.00 for each person you capture to haul them out of the country. Now since it won’t cost but a few hundred per illegal alien and let’s estimate the additional few dollars of $300.00 each person times the 2 million deported would cost only $600 million for an accumulative saving of $ 4.8 billion each year as you haul 2 million a year back to their counties. Over the long run after the number of years you would eventually save the entire negative of $29 billion every year when you get rid of all of the illegal’s aliens. I can drive by myself from Washington to the Mexican border for less than $300.00. I can by a plane ticket for just a little more and be there in 3 hours. I have no desire to go to Mexico and my family immigrated to the United States around 200 years ago.

Let’s brake down the numbers to show how easy it would be to fix illegal immigration. That’s 5,479 aliens a day hauled back to Mexico or South America. There are 48 states in continental North America. That means on average you only have to find 114 per day in each state. There are 800,000 law enforcement personnel in the U.S. That’s equal to 16,666 in each of 48 states. If 16,666 policemen average in each state can’t catch 114 illegal aliens a day then something is wrong with our police departments and they might need to be replaced. That’s 146 policemen to 1 illegal alien and there’s a lot more law enforcement when you count FBI, CIA, ICE, and all the other 15 total law enforcement departments. The yearly average for each policeman only has to catch 2.5 per Illegal’s each year or one about every five months. They are easy to find as I could take them to hundreds in a single day and I am only one person. If they say it’s not their job, then pass laws that make illegal immigration their job. If you started doing this a large numbers of them would go back to their own country on their own before they were caught.

The average wage for a job is dropping according to the department of labor. This is because we do have an abundance of workers or an oversupply and very little job demand in the labor market. Falling wages is what happens when you have more workers then you have jobs; wages are literally bid downward not up. As we deported the illegals, wages would eventually go up. The real unemployment and or under employment rate is currently near 18%, the headline number is only 9.7%. Part of the reason for this is people who are no longer on the unemployment roll collecting are no longer counted as unemployed. Since the headline unemployment peaked at 10.3% more than 1.1 million dropped off the unemployment rolls in the last 3 months because they’re not getting unemployment any longer. That’s the only reason the headline number has dropped to 9.7%. In the last 3 months as we have lost more jobs then were created and the unemployment still went down. How can that be? Read the paragraph again. None of this includes the black market or underground labor force when you add this into the unemployment numbers it’s much higher than 18% unemployment and underemployment.

The job market is a lot worse than they are telling you. It will only get worse if they keep allowing illegal’s into the country or they give them amnesty and allow millions more to poor into the country to take advantage of the newest amnesty. The government claims they don’t know who is here. If a new amnesty is passed into law you can bet 2 million more will poor over the border to take advantage of the opportunity to get that green card. This is what happened the last two times they gave amnesty to the illegals. Why should we expect it to be any different this time? It will look like an invasion or an attack on America as they poor in by the tens of thousands each day. Because of the amnesty these people will qualify for food stamps and other social programs and the new healthcare as well.

Deportation will never happen with the current congress and president Oboma. They will just continue to feed us lies. For every illegal they keep in the country it’s likely a vote for the democrats because of the social programs that buy the votes of most illegal aliens, just the same as with most democrats. The bill will not be called amnesty for illegal aliens. So look for a bill with the keywords "Immigration Reform" in it. Isn't there something very sad and very telling when the people of a country have to "force" their own government to respond to the wishes of their people? Isn't it telling as to how far we have traveled down the road toward "totalitarian government"? Have we learned anything? I doubt it!

Americans are not mad at the illegal aliens. They are mad at our government for allowing this to happen in the first place! America's biggest problem with illegal immigration is not with those who illegally break into our country and help to bleed it dry, but with our government which refuses to uphold the laws already on the books. Americans must ask themselves what we are going to do with a government that refuses to uphold and enforce the nation's laws.

The only way we are ever going to get relief from illegal immigration is to clean the house in Washington. We have that opportunity coming up this November in the Mid-Term Election. The coming election is shaping up to be the most important election in the history of the country. It may well decide whether we remain a representative republic or become a socialist communist dictatorship. Until we can change the make-up of the Congress and the White House we are stuck standing on the sidelines observing the largest land invasion and take-over of a country in the history of the world.

Seems to me we have to do three things this year. First we must continue to try to stop Obama Care with state lawsuits challenging it legality. Then we must stop the New Amnesty Bill or Immigration Reform and then we, absolutely, must purge our government of the Socialists who over abundantly populate it now. We have our work cut out for us. "We The People" must take our country back and we must do it this year. The big question for me to ask you, is it too late?

We as a free people have had to and will have to continue to endure the results of the stimulus or the jobs bill, Tarp, Healthcare, cap and trade, and Amnesty for Illegal immigrants. This is all in the name of social justice which is a liberal, progressive democrat code word for wealth redistribution. The biggest problem with their plan is no one seems to have calculated properly how all this will affect the whole economy, when the results of all of the five extremely expensive programs take full effect on your wallets, your incomes and your ability to pay your existing bills. They haven’t done the math and if they have and done it correctly they would know there plans will collapse the economy. Because of our huge debt and barrowing problem it will also destroy the value of our currency. This means it will destroy the country completely obliterating the distribution system making the county inoperable and incapable of functioning as it currently does. What do liberal progressive democrats really have in their devious little minds? I know what is on their mind and the even bigger problem is it won’t work.

Now let look at the lost wages from the 12 million illegal aliens that are here and how much this costs American citizens in lost wages. Let’s do the math that the liberals and progressives don’t want you to do. We will look here at the difference in wages taxed or not taxed based on the wages I know they are paid. Then we will look at the wages paid to American workers from my experiences as an employer. We will use the current wages of $6.00 an hour for illegals and the wage of American citizens of $12.00 an hour. This is modest number to work with. I have a friend of mine that worked for company for 20 years and where making $18.00 an hour they were fired and replace with 3 Mexican laborers at $6.00 an hour. This is not made up this is real life story and a fact, not something I read. Using $12.00 an hour is a very modest comparison. If you used the higher number of course the problem would be even worse than the smaller hourly wage I will use. Let’s get started. If those illegal aliens were not here that employer would have to hire an American citizens at a much higher wage.

Illegal alien wage $6.00 x a 40 hour work week = $240.00 American citizen $12.00 x 40 hour work week = $480.00.00

Lost wages $240.00 a week 1 year 52 weeks = $12,480 in lost wages for each American worker replaced. 12 million workers = $149,760,000,000 Billion in lost wages each year to American citizens.

We also have to anticipate they will be legalized, that is Obama’s plan. That number is said to be $29 Billion and that must be added to the lost wages. This brings us to a total of $178 Billion a year in lost wages to Americans and a direct cost in either tax money or the printing or barrowing of money to support the cost of illegals.

Lost federal and state taxes figured at the average of 25% = $37,440,000,000 that is $37 billion in lost taxes just for the lost wages. This assumes the illegals are paying taxes. If they are not the taxes receipts double to $74 Billion in lost taxes.

There is nothing stopping the government from deporting the illegals except the people that are in control of the government. Nothing is impossible to do. The statements made by the Liberal progressive Democrats’ are false. The numbers they use as an excuse not to deport Lawbreakers is worse than lame. They claim it would cost $220 billion to deport 12 million illegal aliens. But they spent $867 billion on a stimulus bill that we and our children will have to pay. Plus adding insult to injury make we and our children pay even more to support these illegals. The current people in charge want to do things that will hurt the American people and the country. The real reason they are doing it is they need the votes and illegals do vote, even know there not supposed to. There is an alternative to their possible motives. Are they trying to destroy the country? They can’t bankrupt it any more then they already have.

This is a reminder for the people who read this. The news media loves to say that amnesty for illegal aliens is a republican Idea. They use former president Bush and John McCain as evidence. They are the only republicans that pushed hard to get this bill passed almost all the republicans voted against the amnesty for illegal aliens’ bill. It was the republicans that stopped the last amnesty bill not the democrats.

Illegal immigration