The cost of politics, socialism or a European style economy.

James Garrett

March 21,2010

As we argue politics and differences in political beliefs of what people want from government. We are being distracted and totally missing the bigger picture and the most important factor of all and that’s how much these political actions or new policies cost the American people. How will it affect the economy? How much money will be taken out of the working class Americans pockets? Then being shifted somewhere else. Does that additional money buy additional products or services for that person that they weren’t already paying for? What are the consequences of our actions? The most important question to me is does the math work out. I can tell you it does not.

The math is the real way to the truth. Doing the math is the only way to find out the results of our actions and the consequences to our political policies. These are the most important questions and there not even being considered or calculated. We do get vague talking points like it will drive the deficit up in 5 to 10 years. But no one seems to care a lot about that as long as they think they’re going to get something out of the new social program. They take about the government getting more control over people’s lives. That doesn’t mean anything to people who are already getting a free ride on the backs of tax payers. What if you told those people and could prove it with math that they would be cut off from all their welfare and social programs if they were going to collapse the system that feeds there social program. You might get their attention then. Then again if you consider the education level of people who need assistance to survive it would be too complicated for them to understand.

Each time we argue the political hot potatoes like healthcare and global warming there are going to be costs in dollars to someone. It doesn’t have to be that way but it is done that way by design. Why didn’t we do all the things that would cut costs first and then do the things that cost more latter on after the economy recovered? It doesn’t make sense to increase the cost of health insurance to people that already have it, while we are still losing jobs and we are in a deep recession but they are doing it anyway. The tax payers are the economy. They make up our countries entire economic system. Without them we would have no banks no phones no grocery stores. There would be no houses built and no buildings. There would be no social programs and no healthcare. The working class is the country. Why do we always penalize them for being successful? It defies all logic and it’s irresponsible.

With every liberal progressive democrat idea, like healthcare or clean energy comes a huge cost to the working class. This always has a direct affect in dollars to the economy of the whole country. As the government attacks the wallets of the working people it directly affects their ability to pay their existing personal bills and their ability to make future purchases. This slows the economy down and crates more job losses. While the government and the liberal fringe news media tries to paint a different picture and misinforms the public and tells them it’s the republicans fault and the republicans are mean and hateful. All the while the opposite is the truth. The liberal progressive fringe democrats are the ones that misinform the people and that in itself it hateful to the very people they claim to support that listen to their spin and there bias, With over the top untrue statements that the likes of MSNBC are famous for.

The liberal progressive fringe democrats while all the time they are telling the people that only the rich or the top 2% of wage earners will pay a higher tax. There not telling you about the testimonies of the insurance companies that the regulations in healthcare bill will cost the 187 million people already covered with insurance $1000.00 each. That’s $187 billion and this starts right away not in 3 or 4 years. This money will just disappear out of the economy. Where is the reporting of that piece of important information from the liberal progressive news media? It’s just not being reported and the only thing they report is the republicans are holding up free medical insurance for those poor people who can’t afford it, we have people dying in the streets. That’s not even spin that is just a total blatant outright lie.

The democrats say all their social programs are investments, no were in any book written is a social program considered an investment and it defies common sense. Liberal progressive democrats are making things up as they go with nice sounding words that have no bases in the real world of how economies work. It’s all fantasy land and pixie dust dreams with no bases in reality. How can you invest in an extension and enabler of poverty? You can grow the number of people that will vote for you and you can control those people with the social programs. This is what’s going on and the last 70 years of American history proves it. That’s what this is really all about, politics and controlling people.

If you make people comfortable in there poverty they will never do anything to get out of it. They will remain in poverty for as long as they can get the benefits. This even goes on with unemployment insurance. If it is made comfortable to live in poverty there is no motivation to get out of it. This has been proven for the last 70 years. Poverty should be uncomfortable, so survival instincts kick in and people strive to get out of poverty. We have a system that keeps people in poverty. This should prove either democrats have no common sense or they are doing it intentionally. The obvious truth is they want to keep these people right where they are voting for their paychecks. Keeping the democrats in power and that’s how the politics of it all works.

This is why we have such a huge $1.6 trillion deficit. The economy always has ups and downs, whether it’s a socialist, communist or a capitalist economy. The current problem is we have way too much socialism and it should be obvious that we as a country can no longer afford it. But at the same time we are adding to it by the hundreds of billions of dollars to the cost of government and to the American wage earner. The largest immediate cost comes in increases in insurance premiums to people who already have health insurance. This is the political game; you will blame the greedy insurance companies. While this gives total cover to the politicians for those that are uninformed. What makes it even worse is we’re doing this in the middle of a deep recession and this will only make it much deeper and cost millions of jobs in the next two years.

There is no one talking about the cost of all this added legislation of health care or the cost of climate change, cap and trade. You get vague platitudes with no solid numbers in dollars or the number of jobs being lost from these political policies. I have done the math and calculated the job losses and the dollars being transferred from the productive part of the economy to an unproductive part of the economy. The cost of cap and trade is worse or much more expensive than the cost of healthcare. Let’s look at the combined totals of both health care and cap and trade to show the economic suicide mission this country is on

The statement of Nancy Pelosi was that 6 million people would be covered immediately if the healthcare is passed. It is True 6 million people would be covered immediately, but they have to purchase the insurance for themselves. The cost of 6 million people at an average cost of approximately $3000.00 for each one to buy their own policy is $18 billion a year.

Insurance companies will have to cover preexisting conditions among other items. What will that new regulation cost the people? The insurance companies say $1000.00 per person. If Healthcare is passed, it is a mandate to the insurance companies they must comply. The largest part of the population is covered by some kind of private health insurance coverage. Once again the people have to pay for this new regulation that the government will impose on the insurance companies. The people will once again have to pay, not the government. 187 million people are covered by private health insurance of some kind. If the cost goes up by $1000.00 for each person the total cost to the people will be 187 billion each year. Now we add the 18 billion above from 6 million being forced into getting insurance and we have a total of $205 billion. Then we need to add the $37 Billion in taxes on Business each year. This gives us a total cost of $242 billion for the very political healthcare cost.

Cap and trade or climate change

Now let’s take the cost of cap and trade or climate change. If we take the number of gallons used every month of 10 billion gallons the total cost is $7.7 billion in additional cost to the American people or $92.4 Billion a year. Then we take the number of gallons of diesel used every month of 3.5 billion gallons the total cost is $3.1 billion or 37.2 billion a year. The total monthly cost of additional taxes will be $10.8 billion each month and 129.6 Billion each year.

Now let’s do a very close estimated cost of electricity when our electric bills go up 90%. The following numbers are just the electricity and don’t include the cost of natural gas. According to the United States Census Bureau the total number of housing units in 2008 was 129,065,264 and the average electric bill is $95.66. Let’s do the math that no one wants to do. The $95.66 at a 90% increase brings the increase to electricity will add $86.09 a month to your electric bill for a total of $181.75. Let’s concentrate on the increase as this is the part that will adversely affect the economy. 129 million homes increase by 86.09 a month is $11 Billion each month that will also disappear into the black hole of the governments pocket just like the gasoline tax. This total is almost identical to the tax cost in gasoline.

The total of the increased taxes on energy is roughly $22 billion each month in extra cost to the people. This is a total of $264 Billion a year. This is not all of the many different additional costs of the energy bill these are some of the most direct costs that will affect the economy and you, immediately after the bill is signed into law. As we buy gasoline every week and we pay our electric bill every month. We are not buying more products; we are not getting more services. We are just paying a lot more for the same thing. All this is being done in a hoax called global warming or climate change.

Let’s add it all up all the Healthcare cost that is $242 billion in first year. Cap and trade cost $264 Billion a year. Total cost $506 billion and this is just the largest parts it is not all the costs. Now let’s add the cost in jobs from the politics and the politicians. 1,551.282 jobs lost each year from healthcare once it starts. Then we have another 1,692,240 jobs each year from the global warming legislation in the first year. The total job losses are 3,243,522 and that’s 270,293 jobs lost per month. This will continue as long as the laws are in place.

Here is another example as a comparison. After the banks collapsed in September of 2008 we lost about $500 billion in economic activity and we lost 6 million jobs. We can expect the same result from the cost of these two pieces of legislation over the next two years. The economic activity will not disappear like with the bank collapse. It will be slower as the money disappears the jobs will disappear. While all this is going on the gross domestic product will be going up and the politicians will be telling us look how good the economy is. That is because everything will be costing more. Not one thing adds any real product or service for the additional money being spent. We are just paying a lot more for what we already have or already buy. We are talking about a forced economic collapse. We can no longer afford our politics or our politicians.

Politics and the Cost of health care Politics and the Cost of Global warming