Recession proof businesses

James Garrett, February 2, 2010

If there were recession proof businesses everyone we would be going into that business and it would be flooded with new competition. The new competition will divide up the available business in that so-called recession proof business and this would divided up the volume of the business into such small amounts that you probably wouldn't even be a get a pay check out of it. You would be lucky to pay your overhead and expenses of that business.

Here's a real-life example. I lived in the state of Florida and Florida is always in a state of economic recession. I got to experience first-hand how it works in the real world as I observed many different claims of a Recession proof business in my lifetime. 1988 and 1989 the country was in a recession and Florida was even worse than the rest of the country. There were people who were desperate and couldn't find a job. It was on the news that people were making $1000 a week with little mobile hot dog stands. This was back in the last big real estate decline much like the one we're having right now in 2010.

Before you knew it, everywhere you looked there were little hot dog stands. One year later no one was making any more than $200 a week because there were so many of these little hot dog stands everywhere. They're only so many people who eat a hot dog and there only so many people who are going to pull over on the side of the road to get one. As a number of hot dog stands increased the amount of business available for each one of them declined. It’s always a mathematical equation.

This is a true story not a metaphoric example. This is how businesses and economy's work. If you did find recession proof business, everyone flocks to it and this ruins it for those who got into so called recession proof business early on. This works in the real world as well as on the Internet.

If you do a search on the Internet for recession proof businesses you will get 2.4 million websites. Here's the problem with that if you do run a business on the Internet. You have to compete with 2.5 million websites and you need to get the top 10 on the search engines to get enough free traffic to make any money. It is extremely unlikely and rare that you would be able to make money out of whatever you're selling. If you do pay per click advertising through Google or Yahoo and would also be extremely hard to make a profit. As you can see by doing the search you have to be on the top 10 or 20 searches and you’re competing against 2.4 million others the Internet. The odds are you getting in the top 10 are one in 240,000. This also translates to the probability of your success with an Internet business.

It takes a very long time to get to the top of a search engine even if you figure out what you need to do, to get there. The learning curve is no less than six months and unless you get free traffic on search engines, it will be extremely hard to make any money with pay per click ads or links from other websites. These internet businesses all want you to buy a book or a learning program ranging from $10 to as much as $200. This is exactly what the type of website businesses is all about. They plan on your desperation to make money so that you'll spend some money to buy their moneymaking program in a so-called recession proof business. This in itself could be thought of as a business that is recession proof and people will look for exactly this type of business, but then again you are still competing with 2.4 million people for the same thing. I cannot say it's a waste of time, but I can say is no quick fix and there is really no such thing as a recession proof business that will give you a weekly paycheck immediately. Any business in the real world or on the internet will be unlikely to give you a weekly pay check as soon as you start it up.

I have been in business and self employed for 32 years in the real world and on the Internet. I have studied economics and business for 42 years. There really is no such thing as recession proof business in the current recession that we are in. Everyone is affected without exception. There are millions of people who want you to believe otherwise. In the real world or on the Internet you will find no quick fixes. What will work are persistence, self-reliance and patience. A lot of patience with yourself and whatever type of business you would decide to go into. It is not easy; they will all tell you it is easy. But if you pay them the money you will either get a very short 20 or 30 pages of instruction or you will get thousands of pages that will take you forever to read.

Recession proof businesses