Role of media in politics

James Garrett,

February 8, 2010

The role of media in politics is supposed to inform the American people with the facts of what our politicians are doing in Washington DC. In recent years the media has become completely prejudice in favor of the liberal, progressive Democrats. It is the liberal progressive fringe news media that creates the hostile divide that exists with the people. They have made it their goal to divide the three different major parties into hostile groups. But the facts are it should not be the Role of media in politics to create the hostile divide that now exists more so than then within our normal politics. Here is the proof, where does the public get almost all its information from? The answer to that is the liberal fringe news media that controls 85% of the media that gives us almost all the information we have available. It's the print media, cable news or C-span. 85% of all media is controlled by the liberals. The only conservative voice on cable news is fox news and they stand alone. They are the only voice that goes against the liberal fringe news media. Why do they spend 100% of their time attacking fox and all the talk radio shows with disinformation?

The current role of media in politics seems intent on misleading the public into a particular way of thinking or is it propaganda? That has become their sole purpose, getting the liberal progressives democrats elected into power. The proof is that is exactly what has happened and it is now history. This is where we are as a people and a country in our politics. Americans have been duped or fooled by the propaganda of the liberal fringe news media. This has become the role of media in politics in today's modern times.

Politics divides people by its very nature. I have been watching politics intensively for more than 32 years and dividing the people into hostile groups has been the role of media in politics for a lot longer than just 32 years. Here's a list of what the media has been doing to the people for the 32 years of my observing them and the last 60 years from what I have read about modern history in politics. This is the role of media in politics since before I was born has been to Corrupt the young get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex, make them superficial, and thereby destroy their ruggedness. Get control of all means of publicity and thereby get the people's mind off other government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays, and other trivialities. Divide the people in the hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. This is the role of media in politics today. This is exactly what the liberal fringe news media has been doing for the last 60 years. This is the current role of media in politics. This is also the exact words and doctrine of Vladimir Ilich Lenin. He was the Russian revolutionary and communist politician who led the October Revolution of 1917 in the old communist Russia. Vladimir Ilich Lenin was a man who by his actions was against the people. He was not for the people. This is also what I have seen as the role of media in politics by experience, not just from what I have read in books or learned in a class room. Vladimir Ilich Lenin has been given credit for murdering 20 million of his own people. They thought that if they killed the dissenting opposition to communism, it would work just fine. Well they continued this until the total dead reach over 50 million and communism still didn’t work. I have read posts by Russians that claim the total to be 80 million not 50 million. Does it really matter? It apparently didn’t matter to the communists.

This is what the role of media in politics has become. They consistently misinform the American people with a very destructive indoctrination into a socialist communist system over the last 100 years. It is the liberal fringe news media that the public constantly gets most of their information from. The role of media in politics has become broadcasting bumper sticker slogans like change we can believe in. Without ever asking or investigating what the change means. What kind of changes were they are talking about in the 2008 elections for president Obama. The liberal fringe news media would hide all the bad stuff like President Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wrights rants and do everything in their power to make Obama look like the next messiah and savior of the American people. The opposite has proven to be the truth. The only thing Oboma has done is bring us closer to socialism and our end as a country.

We just get more bumper sticker slogans that don't fix anything by calling Republicans the party of no. What does that mean? Republicans say no to what specifically? Where are the facts and the details that should be the role of media in politics? Facts and details is what the liberal fringe news media is supposed to provide to the American people. Instead we get bumper sticker slogans to distract the people from the facts and solely meant to make the Republicans look like the bad guys. The Role of media in politics or the liberal fringe news media is never specific about the details of what are the republicans saying no to, Republicans say no to? Here's the answer to what Republicans say no to. First would be a socialized medical system exactly like Canada's or France's socialized system. That cost more than they can afford and forces healthcare rationing to their people. Many of the older folks die using these socialized medical systems, because it takes so long to get the medical attention they require. Could this be there intention? It is what they are doing. I know a lot of people who lived in Canada and Europe and this is what they tell me. Not to mention socialized medicine has bankrupted all the European countries. All of Europe is bankrupt from its socialism and has been for many years. If you're paying attention you know this is true.

There are 14 new taxes hidden within the Democrats healthcare bill. These new taxes become effective immediately upon signing the bill. This is what the Republicans say no to. It’s a tax bill and an economic disaster, not a healthcare bill. Republicans have said no to cap and trade also known as the clean energy bill. This is another bill that has nothing but new taxes on the American people. This bill is said to almost double your electric bill by 90%. It will add $.77 a gallon tax on gasoline $.88 a gallon tax for diesel fuel. These new taxes imposed also raise the price of everything that we buy. This is an extremely inflationary tax bill. It is reported by the Congressional Budget Office to cost the average American family $3700 per household. The liberal progressive Democrats want to push this on the American people while were in the middle of the deepest recessions in 80 years. This is what the Republicans have said no to. I hope they remain the party of no.

The role of media in politics has become nothing more than a propaganda wing of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. The role of media in politics main goal has become to misinform the public for political gain, rather than to inform them with news and facts. The cost of the so called clean energy bill will be $3700 per household. This has also been verified by the heritage foundation and the congressional budget office. You don’t hear any of these facts from the liberal fringe news media. They speak of it in terms of don’t you want a cleaner environment of course the answer is yes we all do. But this clean energy bill doest do one thing to clean up the environment. This so called clean energy bill does the American people no good what so ever, it’s all about taxes and that’s all it will achieve. That’s not what I say, that’s what the scientists say. This tax bill will also have the undesirable affect of causing what’s left of the economy to collapse.

There are 110 million households in the United States. At a cost of $3700 per household the total amount of new taxes would be $34 billion each month in new taxes. This will put a huge drag on the economy and I calculate at a cost of no less than 200,000 jobs lost every month, due to the missing money from the private sector economy. In just one year they will take $408 billion in new taxes with the clean energy bill. We will lose 2.5 million jobs the first year and 3 million jobs lost the second year. This bill needs to be voted down with a no vote. I hope the Republicans stay the party of no. What's even worse is the liberal progressive Democrats want to do this while we are in deep recession and that's insanity.

The clean energy bill defies all logic and it’s irresponsible to raise taxes while we're in a deep recession. That doesn’t seem to bother the liberal progressive democrats as long as they get what they want. The current role of media in politics is to hide these facts from the public and run stories that cover the facts up by distracting attention away from them by discrediting anyone who speaks against the liberal progressive democrats. The only thing that has really stopped these two really big tax increases so far is the Democratic Party. They can’t even get their own people to vote for their socialist programs but that won’t last forever. Republicans don't have enough votes in the House of Representatives or the Senate to stop either one of these big tax bills. The reason the Democrats have not been able to get either tax bill past is divisions within their own party. But the role of media in politics and their bumper sticker slogans has tried their best to misinform the public and painted a picture that it is the Republicans who were not allowing these two new tax bills from being passed. It is simply not true. This is how they have been informing the public with a disinformation campaign the likes of which I have never seen before. The Democrats have a super majority in both houses of the government. The only Americans that really want these tax bills are the ones that think they in some way will benefit monetarily by their passing.

The role of media in politics has always had a political agenda attached to them. 85% of media is controlled by the progressive, liberal Democrats or socialists. Yet they all complain about one news station and that’s fox news. The liberal fringe kook news media talks about Fox news, like they are the ones misinforming the American people. So who's telling the truth and who is lying to the people? Americans may be a little slow in catching on, but they are not stupid. There are many reasons for liberal fringe news media's anger at Fox news. They are very jealous of the ratings at Fox news has. Fox news always exposes the lies from liberals and progressives at the other cable news stations and the print media newspapers like the New York Times. They are all from the same Ilk.

If you combine all three major news networks on cable TV they only make up half of the volume of viewers when compared to Fox cable news. While Fox news gets an average of 3 million viewers the other three Cable News Network's combined get just over 1.5 million viewers. This is why they're so angered at Fox news. The most recent role of media in politics has been to claim that Fox news is not a legitimate news program. Anyone who watches Fox news knows that's not the truth. The liberal progressive fringe news media has also said that people who watch Fox news are stupid. This is another reason the American people don't like these liberal fringe news programs. People don’t like to be called stupid. If anything the opposite would be true. I know I don’t like to be lied to and I don’t like being called stupid either. It is the other three major so-called cable news networks that are no more than propaganda machines conjuring up disinformation and feeding it to the people for the benefit of the Democratic Party.

The fact is there's only one place to get the facts and the truth. That is Fox news. Like I said the American people aren't stupid. That's why Fox has so many viewers the tax payers know when they're being screwed and lied to. The truth is almost always in the numbers. Fox news gets six to ten times the viewers at any of the liberal fringe news media stations have. How can one station attract so many people? Here are a few reasons using logic and common sense. People don't like being lied to. The average Americans aren't as stupid as liberals and progressives think we are. Americans don’t like being called stupid. Most American working tax payers can see through lies and deceit coming from the liberals and the progressives. The liberals will never admit their mistakes. Liberals just think this enforces their belief that the Americans people are stupid and they come right out on their news programs and state those exact words. It couldn't be that the liberals and progressives are stupid. But the facts are the American people are smarter than the liberals and the progressives. The American people can identify the truth from the false statements made by the liberal fringe news media, because of their personal experiences in life. It is because of all the disinformation given to the public and that has become the role of media in politics, it takes a little time for the American people to take that information and conclude what the truth really is.

The role of media in politics has not changed. It has always been this way. It is the liberal fringe news media divides the people in the hostile groups, not Fox news. It's not Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh. Nor is it Sean Hannity. Politics by its nature divides people into groups. The liberal fringe news media has taken upon itself the job of turning the public into very hostile groups. It is with intention and it is their goal to do just what they have done to the American people. They have done this with a constant stream of disinformation. This has been the role of media in politics for longer than I have been alive. If this were not true then the current severely hostile political atmosphere would not exist and we would all be on the same page. At least 70% of Americans would be on the same page. The current political situation proves this statement to be true.

The modern role of media in politics will be a partner in the demise of our great country. This is been going on for more than 80 years now. The liberal fringe news media has always done just what they are doing now. I grew up in the 60s. I was not a hippie. I joined the military. I was not drafted, I volunteered. The liberal progressive news media did nothing but lie about Vietnam. Ask any Vietnam War vet that we'll talk about it. This is nothing new and is part of why the current military and veterans vote 85 to 90% in favor of conservative politicians or Republicans. Veterans know liberal, progressive Democrat politicians and the liberal fringe news media constantly lies to the people and work to destroy what our soldiers have sworn to protect.

Have you ever noticed the great disdain that the liberal fringe progressive news media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party has for our military? Do you know the reason for this? I could write a book on why they don't like the military, but here's the short version. All branches of the military take an oath to protect the country and its borders and the Constitution of the United States. The liberal fringe nut bags will deny this hatred adamantly. The proof is in their words and in their actions. The Constitution has been under attack for 110 years now. First it was done by the progressives than the liberals. The Democratic Party has always contained the progressives and liberals; the Democratic Party represents these people. It has always been the goal of the Democratic Party to undermine the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and do it from within our own government. The Democratic Party wants to trash the constitution and replace it with a communist socialist dictatorship. You can’t have our current constitution and have what liberal progressive democrats want. They are in direct conflict with each other. So if you think things are a little crazy right now, wait until they get total power. I don't mean by elections they already have that. I mean by collapsing our current economic system and this will completely destroy the existing government from within. Thereby replacing the current government with a communist dictatorship, exactly like that of old Russia or China before they became capitalists. This is the stated and written goal of progressives and the liberals.

The military stands in the way of liberals and progressives goals and that's why liberal progressive democrats hate the military. The Role of media in politics is the same as the liberal progressive fringe in Hollywood as they make one movie after another that makes the military look like the bad guys. If it isn’t the soldiers then they demonize corporations and big business or they do both within the same movie. A good example of this is one of the latest movies Called Avatar. It seems that not a week goes by where Hollywood or the media is not making some kind of political statement either demonizing our soldiers who swear to protect the country or demonizing big business that normally creates jobs for the people. Go back a couple paragraphs look of Vladimir Lenin's statement and you will see what all this is about, the media is about turning the blame away from the liberals and the progressives and your politics and pointing blame and demonizing the people who stand in the way of achieving their goals.

The military stands in the liberals and progressives way by taking an oath to protect the country and the Constitution, which liberals and progressives want to destroy. Big business stands in the way because it takes power away from the government; under communist or fascist rule the government owns and controls all the businesses. As a matter of fact if you look at all the different forms of government and there economic systems tried over the last 100 years. No other political economic systems have worked except for our capitalist system. Let's list them and here, they are Communism, socialism, fascism, and Nazism. They all failed immediately and miserably. They all failed socially and economically. They are the exact same politically as the modern day liberals and progressives and what they believe in and how the economy should be run. They are represented by the Democratic Party. The role of media in politics is following the tactics of Vladimir Lenin to the letter of his communist's doctrines of how to control the people.

The role of media in politics has turned the political atmosphere into a very negative and vicious political war. The day that liberals and progressives win the war will be the day the country loses itself. We will lose everything that our founding fathers worked for. The original intent of the Constitution will be lost. We lose all of our rights as citizens that were given by the Bill of Rights. Every political system is also an economic system. You can deny that political systems are economic systems but that doesn't change the fact that they are economic systems. Communist or Socialists economic systems always fail. There's not one example of a successful socialist economic system. Those who think Europe is an example of a successful economic socialist system you need to take a better look. All Europeans new 5 years ago there socialism was unsustainable. There are hundreds of examples of these socialist systems failing every time they have been tried, right from their start they never worked. A person might point to Europe as a socialist economic system that was successful. If you knew the truth these systems were failure from their inception and they are still a failure today. All of Europe is going at breakneck speed voting in conservatives for leaders because after 60 years using a combination capitalism and socialism that they have now, Europeans have learned that doesn't work either. Every single country in Europe is bankrupt because of its social programs. Even before the 2008 bank collapse. Canada is bankrupt because of its social programs. Now for some odd reason that defies all logic and reason, the United States is going at breakneck speed towards more socialism and less capitalism. We've already gone past the tipping point where we have too much socialism in our economic system already. The proof of that statement is we have a $1.6 trillion deficit for the year 2010. I expect that will be revised upward to $1.8 trillion before the end of 2010.

The role of media in politics is to hide these facts from the public. Here in the United States 95% of Americans don't know that all of Europe has been bankrupt long before the September 2008 bank collapse. The liberal fringe news media wants you to believe that the socialist European way is better than our capitalist economic system. But the truth is most countries in Europe reached the tipping point of too much socialism in their economic system four and five years ago, when the world economy was still strong. They knew they had to change something because the socialism wasn’t working.

They actually voted for conservative politicians that said that they were going to back away from socialism and change to more of a capitalist economic system like in the United States and unwind there socialism. It wasn't working and it was unsustainable. But you will never read that in an American newspaper or get it from the liberal fringe news media. The role of media in politics has become a role of disinformation and hiding the truth from the people. The problems in Europe are the big secret here United States because it would hurt the Democratic Party, liberals and progressives if you knew the truth. It's hard to find anything on the Internet about how bad socialism has collapsed the economies in Europe.

The role of media in politics is to hide the facts of what a liberal or progressives and their political agenda really is. If you go back to the year 1900 it was progressives that were actually communists. They were hiding behind the word progressive. There is nothing progressive in socialism. Most American people found out what that meant and it meant communist. The word progressive became a dirty word just like communist. Then they hid behind the word liberal. Then the American people found out what the word liberal really meant and it meant communist. So then for 50 years liberal became a dirty word. So now here we are year 2010 and the progressives have come out of closet along with the liberals, because they are in charge of all three branches of government. It didn't take but one year of the liberal and progressive Democrats controlling all three houses of our government and once again the word liberals and progressives have become a dirty word to most Americans. Except the ones that want a socialist, communist government or a dictatorship. You cannot have one without the other because they are all the same political and economic system. It has been the Role of media in politics to keep the truth hidden from you.

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Role of media in politics