Global warming is a multibillion dollar Hoax

Global warming is really about a lot of Liberals and progressives democrats making hundreds of billions of dollars. Why does the public believe it? I say it’s also just people who are getting older, fatter and lazier. When they walk out the door from there air conditioned homes or offices, they feel it’s hotter than usual because they’re getting older fatter and lazier and just can’t take hot weather anymore, like they could when they were younger. So when Chicken Little tells them the sky is falling and it’s getting hotter because of global warming or climate change, they believe it. This is also primarily pushed by the democrat voters as well and if they were smart people they wouldn’t be democrat. Democrat voters are fatter and lazier they are the ones who primarily are on some kind of welfare and sit around waiting for the next check.

It’s all about the money and that’s all it’s about. Just use a little common sense and do the math. There are 12,000 Environmental groups (nature Nazi or tree huggers.) in the United States. Let’s do the math that’s 240 Environmental groups in every state this proves a few things; one is how gullible (stupid) people are. The second is someone’s making an awful lot of money at it, to support the existence of 12,000 nature Nazi groups. Follow the money to find the proof. The United States is a leader in studying the subject. The U.S. has invested some $45 billion in research funding on this global warming question over the past 10 years. Then there is the money the public contributes to the global warming cause on top of the government money. The government contributes in the form of grants. That’s 45 Billion Divided by 12,000 Environmental groups evenly divided is $3,750,000 for each Environmental group over the last 10 years. Now take it one step further and divide that over a ten year period and that’s $375,000 for each Environmental group every year. Almost everyone is just a website with no real office. Just a store front on the internet that says donate here somewhere on the website. Global warming is a liberal, progressive scam. How much do you make at your job or on your website?

I am proof and can personally testify that global warming is a gigantic hoax. I personal have 36 years of experience with global warming and global cooling. I work outside, not in an air conditioned office. I work in conditions much hotter than any environment on the planet earth. The record high temperature that was recorded was in the Sahara desert was 136 degrees. I work in an environment where we broke two thermometers that went to 180 degrees because the temperatures far exceeded that 180 degrees. One might say that’s impossible to survive that. I can tell you it’s not impossible, because I am still here. It’s just not a very pleasant working condition.

Now guess what I did for a living for 36 years? I was a roofer and there is no escape from the sun or the heat that comes from the sun. I never believed in the global warming hoax or myth for one minute. It’s just common sense when the sun is beating you about the head all day long, 12 hours a day, it’s the sun stupid. I can testify to the fact that my personal experience is the planet is and has been cooling for at least the last 10 years. I have worked in the two different climates of the north and the south over the last 36 years. It’s a full 10 degrees cooler in Florida and in Maryland. My personal experience in Maryland is that high temperatures in July and August used to be in the upper 90s every day, now it’s the in the low to mid 80s almost every day that’s more than a 10 degree drop in the average daily high temperatures and according to the Chicken Little’s that’s supposed to destroy the planet. The liberal and progressive fringe tells us a 7 degree shift in temperatures will destroy the planet. We’re all still here aren’t we? The bottom line is there making billions of dollars at it. They want to force even more money out of us with the cap and trade or the climate change legislation. They want to force money from all of us, not just the believers.

It’s not a man standing over top of me with a torch pointed at me. It’s the sun that causes the cooling or the warming. Now I understand that it supposed to be the carbon emissions from factories and the tail pipes of cars. But the very thing the Environmental groups claim is destroying the planet is also what the plants and trees breath and need to survive. Without the plants we would all dye and that would kill the planet and the people. I am not a denier of global warming or of global cooling. I believe both exist but neither is caused by man. Once again it’s the sun stupid. To find the truth you have to look at global weather history. Let’s look at the long term history of the weather of the global warming or climate change of the last 400 years long before cars or factories. 1816 - The year without a summer. There was what historians call a mini ice age from around 1816 to 1830. It was recorded there was a blizzard in June. Did man cause that? After that 15 year cold spell the planet warmed up. Did man cause that?

Obviously man was not the cause of the cooling or the warming in 1830. Then let’s take a look at the cold spell and the warming before that. This would be a similar period of 10 years around 1650 and 1690 to 1700 this was around the time of the first settlers here in the Americas. They couldn’t grow crops they either starved or froze to death. There’s not a good reliable record of day to day temperature records just that it was always too cold to grow crops. Was that somehow caused by man? I don’t see how that’s possible in 1690. Then guess what? It warmed up again. Do you get the part about it warmed up and man had nothing to do with it. Now what do you suppose made the planet cool down or warm up since man could not have been a contributor as there were no cars, no factories and no industry 200 years ago or 400 years ago.

The dark ages were said to have been brought on by a 400 year cold spell or another ice age in Europe that seemed endless. This started about 900 years ago and went up to 500 years ago. Let’s note that the planet has been steadily warming since 500 years ago. More proof if the planet was warming 500 years ago and even warmer 400 years ago and even more 300 years ago how did man have anything to do with that global warming or climate change. There were hardly any automobiles until 1910. There were no factories 200 years ago or 500 years ago and the temperatures were increasing because of what? It’s the sun stupid. Then go back 12,000 years there was a 1600 year cold spell that what geologists’ tell us. Ice covered the whole planet. Guess what happened? The planet warmed up. It’s the sun, not man.

Here is what science says. The scientific facts on which everyone agrees are that, as a result of using coal, oil, and natural gas, the carbon dioxide content of the air is increasing. The air's concentration of other human-produced greenhouse gases, like methane, has also increased. These greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation from the sun, and they retain some of that energy close to earth. All computer simulations of climate change say that, based on how we understand the climate to work, the low layer of air for one to five miles up (the low troposphere), where the radiation is trapped, should warm. That low layer of air warming should, in turn, warm the surface.

Scientific facts gathered in the past 10 years do not support the notion of catastrophic human-made warming as a basis for drastic carbon dioxide emission cuts. This is what the newest science says. The carbon dioxide content of the air is increasing and the temperatures have been dropping. This evidence shows or proves the science is wrong. The scientists are going back to the drawing board by their own admission and we will no doubt will spend tens of billions more to figure out what I already know. Do you see how this works? The academics will get even more money in the form of grants from the tax payers to find out what I already know and the long term history proves I am right. I will give them the answer for free. It’s all about the liberals and the progressives making billions off the tax payers for really doing nothing. There not creating or producing anything, there’s no product produced. It’s nothing but a scare tactic and a scam. There is no such thing as manmade global warming.

My observations of what I know not think. I know when it’s hot from living with the weather not just reading about it from a computer printout. It is the sun that heats the planet or allows it to cool. Before we destroy the economy here in the United States and thus cause the collapse of the rest of the world economy. We need to think real hard about what we do. We will pay immediately for the global warming cap and trade newly disguised under its newest name to hide its original purpose as the clean energy bill. It’s a huge tax bill. It will cost the American people $300 Billion a year. It’s a hoax just like the 2000 scam that all the computers would crash and not one did. That only cost 500 Billion 1 time over a 5 year period prior, to the year 2000. Bill gates and Microsoft made out like a bandit. America is it time to get raped again? Liberal and progressive democrats will get around to this immediately after the liberal democrat passes the healthcare bill. Another tax bill presented as something it’s not.

Global warming