Global warming extremist.

James Garrett

March 19, 2010

Al Gore is the perfect poster child for the global warming extremist. You should be able to determine for yourself and recognize by the number of jobs that Al Gore wants will destroy and collapse what’s left of the economy. It’s all just nuts or plain crazy. We all want clean air to breath but this is not the way to get there. If we were to adopt either plan of Al Gore or the current bill already passed by the house, it would take America’s economy down in less than 1 year. This shows how a liberal, progressive democrat thinks. It also proves, at least to me, they don’t think at all, they are the perfect idiots. Al gore has stated we need gasoline to go up to $8.00 per gallon. Read on for the math that shows how much money it will cost and the number of additional jobs that will be lost from the global warming legislation.

Let’s look at the cost of the current global warming or climate change legislation that has already passed in the house and will be next on the liberal progressive agenda of change. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 is an energy bill in the 111th United States Congress (H.R.2454) that would establish a variant of a cap-and-trade plan for greenhouse gases to address climate change. The bill was approved by the House of Representatives on June 26, 2009 by a vote of 219-212,

This vote was the "first time either house of Congress had approved a bill meant to curb the heat-trapping gases scientists have linked to climate change. The bill is also known as the Waxman-Markey Bill, after its authors, Representatives Henry A. Waxman of California and Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts, both Democrat. Waxman is the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Markey is the chairman of that committee's Energy and Environment Subcommittee. The global warming legislation bill doesn’t do anything to really cut green house gases. It only taxes fuels and energy that creates green house gases.

It was said in global warming legislation hearings that I watched several times this would increase the cost of gasoline by a direct tax of .77 cents per gallon and diesel fuel by .88 cents per gallon. It would force the price of electricity up by 90%. Let’s work with these cost factors to see the damage that will be done to the economy as these taxes are collected and money disappears into thin air. Latter I will explain in a report on the report of the estimated number of so called green jobs created by the global warming legislation is just an extension of the hoax of the global warming legislation or climate change legislation.

Due to the lower densities of many petroleum products, a 42-gallon barrel of crude oil can generate roughly 44 gallons of petroleum products. About 20 gallons of gasoline and 7 gallons of diesel are produced from each barrel of crude oil. We use about 6.5 Billion barrels of crude oil a year and about 500 million total barrels a month of crude oil. Of that 10 billion gallons is refined into gasoline and 3.5 billion is diesel fuel each month. The rest is made into more products then we need to know about to get the direct weekly impact to the economy in dollars due to the new global warming legislation energy tax. The rest of the barrel of fuel will show up in the months that follow the passing of the energy bill.

If we take the number of gallons used every month of 10 billion gallons the total cost is $7.7 billion in additional cost to the American people or $92.4 Billion a year. Then we take the number of gallons of diesel used every month of 3.5 billion gallons the total cost is $3.1 billion or 37.2 billion a year. The total monthly cost of additional taxes will be $10.8 billion each month and 129.6 Billion each year. This alone would be the largest tax increase in American history. Even more than double the Bill Clinton and democrat tax hike in 1993. This will also raise the cost of food as almost all farmers use fertilizes that are in part a byproduct of petroleum production.

Now let’s do a very close estimated cost of electricity when our electric bills go up 90%. The following numbers are just the electricity and don’t include the cost of natural gas. According to the United States Census Bureau the total number of housing units in 2008 was 129,065,264 and the average electric bill is $95.66. Let’s do the math that no one wants to do. The $95.66 at a 90% increase brings the increase to electricity will add $86.09 a month to your electric bill for a total of $181.75. Let’s concentrate on the increase as this is the part that will adversely affect the economy. 129 million homes increase by 86.09 a month is $11 Billion each month that will also disappear into the black hole of the governments pocket just like the gasoline tax. This total is almost identical to the tax cost in gasoline. This is just electricity it does not include natural gas consumption.

The total of the increased taxes on energy is roughly $22 billion each month in extra cost to the people. This is a total of 264 Billion a year. This is not all of the many different additional costs of the energy bill these are some of the most direct costs that will affect the economy and you, immediately after the bill is signed into law. As we buy gasoline every week and we pay our electric bill every month. We are not buying more products; we are not getting more services. We are just paying a lot more for the same thing. All this is being done in a hoax called global warming or climate change.

Now we have to figure the cost of global warming legislation in jobs as the money is shifted out of the people’s pockets and into the black hole of government spending. For each billion spent and based on 30% is labor the rest is materials, overhead and profit. If $1 billion is spent and 30% is labor; the total is $300 Million in labor cost. Now we based our numbers on the national average wage of $18.00 hour wage. $18.00 hour x 40 hour work week is $720.00 x 52 weeks and the total is $37,440.00 year then add the 25% cost on labor and that’s $9,360.00. The total yearly cost of an employee is $ 46,800.00 a year. Now we take the $ 46,800.00 a year divide that into $300 million in labor we get total of 6410 Jobs lost for each billion sucked out of the economy each month.

This is accumulative and it doesn’t end until the taxes stop. The total monthly job losses are figured by taking the 22 Billion total increased costs and the job lose expected per billion of 6,410 and we get the total job losses of 141,000 jobs lost each month. That’s a total of 1,692,240 jobs each year from the global warming legislation. This is not all the job losses as I said before there will be billions more in additional cost in food and other products made from crude oil and all shipped products and that’s everything we buy. Additionally this is based on the national average wage and since half the working people don’t make this much money the job losses will be a lot higher. The loss of income from so many people losing their jobs will also cause even more people to lose their jobs. This is also on top of an almost Identical job lose figure in healthcare bill of 1.5 million jobs each year due to the direct cost to the people in increased health insurance premiums that has the same economic result as the global warming legislation. These two liberal progressive democrat pieces of legislation combined will destroy 3.2 million jobs in every year they are sucking the money from the American people’s pockets.

The stated goal by the liberal progressive’s democrats is to force prices up so that alternative fuels like bio fuels will be able to be produced and replace at least part of our fossil fuel consumption. From what I have been able to find the average cost of bio fuels is $6.50 a gallon. This is also in line with Al Gore price of $8.00 a gallon gasoline. The problem with that is in the numbers above. Our economy will not survive long enough to make the change over from fossil fuels to the bio fuel, wind, solar or any other alternative energy the way the democrats are going about it. It’s 16 times cheaper for electricity made from nuclear power when compared to the cost of coal, but it will take 5 years to get the first new nuclear plant on line. The current amount of energy produced by bio fuel, wind, solar or any other alternative energy is .3% or 1/3 of 1%. This is what it was 10 years ago and it’s the same now. This should give some idea of the time span it will take to make any meaningful change from fossil fuel to alternative energy. In the next 10 years. They estimate it will only be 3% alternative energy, but in that period of time we won’t need any energy because the economy will no longer exist.

I would like to say a word about natural gas as a replacement for fossil fuels. I have taken a good hard look at this and it is the answer to our problem in energy. We can supply 100% of our energy needs from within our own boarders. There is almost no environmental impact at all. Best of all its dirt cheap and the saved money would be a huge boost to the economy and could be the very answer to all that is wrong in the economy today. The current cost of a CFM of Natural gas is in the $4 to $5.00 range. Translated into and compare to gasoline that’s like .75 cents a gallon gasoline as compared to the current $2.80 per gallon. This will keep the oil companies happy and in business as well they are the drillers and producers of natural gas.

Why aren’t we doing something with natural gas to change to that alternative rather than a fantasy land global warming legislation of something that will destroy the economy way before it fixes anything? The reason is that’s not what the liberal progressive’s democrats want to do. It takes away all the excuses for the taxes on the fossil fuels because there is no environmental impact using natural gas. If the liberal, progressive democrats can’t tax and control it they don’t want it. Using natural gas would also completely solve the trade imbalance and turn it in our favor to a surplus. There are so many positive economic affects I can’t list them all here but I have done the math and it all works positively on all our economic problems including job creation by the private sector of 3 million jobs a year as we make the change over. There no job losses in the changeover, it’s all jobs plus in every industry including housing and the banking system.

The liberal progressive’s democrats know there will be huge job losses because there is a part of the bill that allows for people who lose their jobs from global warming legislation to be able to collect unemployment for up to 3 years. What about the green jobs, what happened to all those jobs? I have a report on the report on job creation from green jobs the report shows the government is going by are grossly exaggerated and their estimates are over a 20 year period and claim 6 million jobs created but the report on the report shows that directly They will only create a total of 25,000 jobs a year and accumulative 280,000 jobs Over a 20 year period. We’re losing over 25,000 jobs in one month and 400,000 a year. The next paragraph is a direct quote from the report.

The promise of millions of green jobs claimed by proponents of the global warming legislation is not supported by the JEDI model which was created for the congress to show all the jobs it would create. Furthermore, if the indirect and induced impacts are excluded, the gross number of direct jobs is only 121,417, or 2.4 percent of the six million jobs promised. This level of direct green job creation—121,417 jobs—will not be achieved for another decade; yet we have recently lost more than 400,000 jobs in a single month based on current economic conditions.

The liberal progressive democrats that make up the entire news media with the exception of fox news don’t give a dam about the American people or this is what they would be telling you.

I have a prediction to make here as I have on many webpage’s. You will get the healthcare bill. You will get the global warming legislation. You will get the amnesty for illegal aliens. The democrats now know its political suicide but that doesn’t seem to matter to them. By the November 2010 elections they also know it’s too late to change anything. Remember who the president is. Nothing will change till 2013. Changing anything will not be possible until republicans control all three house of our government. Just imagine how much damage liberal progressive democrats policies will do by 2013.

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