Recession proof jobs.

James Garrett, January 24, 2010

There has been only one category of recession proof jobs in all of the 2009 recession. The only sector of the economy that has grown and added jobs is the healthcare industry. Take careful note that this will stop as soon as the new healthcare program has been passed by Congress. This new healthcare program has a $50 billion per year Medicare budget cut in it. This will total $500 billion in cuts over the next 10 years in Medicare costs.

This has been the only recession proof jobs area of the economy that has grown consistently for all of 2009. But its growth has diminished month over a month since the beginning of 2009 in this recession. Once healthcare is passed this area of the economy will start to shrink just like the rest of the economy. Then there will be no more recession proof jobs. I predict that health care will be passed in some form before the end of 2010 or prior to the 2010 elections in November. Once the new healthcare care program becomes law there will be no recession proof jobs in any sector of the economy. The rest of private-sector economy will continue to shrink as well.

You can't cut any program by $50 billion year and have it grow. This will force the medical industry into a recession like condition, just like the rest of the country's economy it will shrink. Medicaid part of the healthcare industry runs roughly $400 billion a year. If they're going to cut it by $50 billion that is a 12% cut you can't take that much money out of an industry and expect job security or job growth. What will happen is job losses. It is just a matter of doing the math. This will also result in more doctors refusing to take Medicaid and Medicare patients. The quality of care will also be greatly diminished and many doctors will just go into the research field and get out of the medical practice. There will be no Recession proof jobs left in the economy once this bill is passed.

It's a mathematical equation and they say that numbers don't lie. But I know people do lie. While the Liberal Democrats are telling you that this new healthcare bill is good for the American people. I will list here a few items in the healthcare bill to show how it does force up the cost to Americans with private-sector insurance but it provides no benefits to any sector of the American people. There’s not one thing in this bill that’s good for the American people. This will destroy the only Recession proof jobs left in the economy.

It will force 6 million young Americans into getting private-sector health insurance coverage that they really don't need. This is a benefit to the insurance companies, not to the young people that will be required to get the insurance. If they refuse to get a private-sector insurance coverage they will get a fine from the government. This fine will have to be paid to the IRS. This looks like a tax to me, not a benefit to anyone but the private-sector insurance companies. At the same time the Democrats claim the Republicans are for the insurance companies but it doesn't look like that to me. This proves that the Liberal Democrats are the ones that are in the pockets of the insurance companies, not the Republicans who are refusing to sign the bill. Once again there will be no recession proof jobs left in the economy.

Nancy Pelosi is boasting how this bill will cover 6 million more Americans. This is being done by forcing 6 million Americans to pay for their own private-sector insurance not by the government providing it for them. Nancy Pelosi is lying to the public. You can just call it spin if you choose to, but I call it a lie. This is how Liberal Democrats are claiming this is good for the American people. There is no benefit to the people provided by Congress in this new healthcare bill. Only thing it does is increase costs to the American people. This will also result in, no sector of the economy having any recession proof jobs.

Then there's the 50 billion each year in cuts by Congress, already mentioned in this article and there's the additional 14 new taxes on all kinds of items in the medical industry. Everything in this bill will push up the cost of private-sector insurance. This is estimated to be $1000 per year per person in increased insurance premiums. How is this good for the American people? All these new taxes and an additional cost start as soon as the bill is passed in 2010. There are no benefits scheduled to start until after 2013 and most of the new programs won't come until 2017. That is seven years after the new taxes start. Once all this becomes law there will be no recession proof jobs left in the medical field or any other sector of the economy.

This bill is designed to destroy the private-sector insurance companies over time and force everyone into some kind of government health care program in the coming years. This will eventually lead to the government controlling 16% more of the US, economy. Here's the problem and it's in the math. The federal government currently has a $3.6 trillion current budget for 2010. Then we had to add the budgets of all 50 states and that's a $2 trillion. If we add this to the current yearly 2.1 trillion cost in the medical industry. That gives the government control over $7.7 trillion in the US economy. There's a big problem. The current gross domestic product of the US economy is only $14 trillion. If the government gets control of $7.7 trillion is always private-sector with $6.3 trillion of the economy. By percentage that means that the federal government and state governments will control 55% of the economy. That leaves a private-sector economy at 45% and that means that 45% has to somehow support 55% of federal government spending. It is impossible mathematical equation. This would mean that the tax rates would have to be 120% in order to support federal and state governments spending. Very simply before we ever got here the economy will totally collapse. It appears to me that this is intentional.

If the government took 120% of private-sector economy that would mean we would all have to take out loans just to pay our tax bills. There would be nothing left for mortgages, automobile payments, food and clothing, gasoline or anything else we buy on a daily basis. It is obvious to me that they are trying to collapse the economy intentionally. This is an impossible mathematical equation and it will not work. I have been watching politics for more than 32 years and very closely watching Democrats and liberals. No one ever bothers to do the math. The so-called CBO congressional budget office does do the math but they are always wrong both in the immediate and the outgoing years. They miss it by 1000 miles. They have very poor math skills.

Liberal Democrats just seem to do whatever is on their evil little minds to get more control over the American people and take away our freedom. Washington has become nothing more than a law factory. Laws restrict freedom or take it away entirely.

This is why we are where we are economically today a broken banking system out of control medical costs and $1.7 trillion deficits for 2010 and it's only January. What will the deficit be by the end of 2010? I predict it will exceed $2 trillion by the end of 2010. We don't have to go very far to get to that number.

How much more will the government waste and so-called stimulus money before the end of 2010. There will be no recession proof jobs in any industry when the liberal Democrats in Congress get done with the new healthcare bill. Is it all intentional? Of course it is, otherwise it would not even be in the conversation or being considered. It is intentional. You can just forget about the idea of there being anything considered in the category of recession proof jobs while the current congress is in control of the economy

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Recession proof jobs